• 06OCT2020 | EU PROD Scheduled Maintenance 10OCT2020 0300-0600 UTC

    Greetings Data Masters!

    We want to make you aware that this Saturday (October 10, 2020) at the below time schedule we will be performing routine scheduled maintenance for approximately three hours.


    We will be using this time to perform updates to our EU PRODUCTION environment only.

    During this time, users may experience intermittent downtime depending on which workflow they are using; however, full downtime is not expected. Importantly, there will be no code updates during this time and therefore there will be no release notes for review.

    Please plan your work accordingly and do any backups before performing study updates during this time.

    Most importantly, even through the maintenance window, we will continue to track email (support@redcapcloud.com), web (support chat) and phone systems.

    Happy Researching!

    Team REDCap Cloud

  • 01SEP2020 | eLearning Knowledge Content Connection Fixed

    Application: eLearning

    User(s) Affected: eLearners

    A few users reported eLearning accessed at myrcc.login.redcapcloud.com were no longer connecting to access learning material while in eLearning. Assessments and certificates remained unaffected.

    As of 01SEP2020, this issue has been fixed.


    No further action is required from eLearning administrators. All changes were automatically applied.

  • 03JUL2020 | REDCap Cloud Version 1.6 "Decentralized Trials" Release Notification

    This is a sample blog post for illustration only.