17JUL2020 | Degraded Product Performance

Degraded Product Performance Reported


USA Build / UAT / Production


For a brief period today we received reports of customers unable to access RCC across some parts of our network. Reports of an error, "Could not connect to the server", at login or when making modifications within a study were reported.

A portion of our global Cloud infrastructure is served by a Domain Name System (DNS) whose servers announced bad routes and caused some environments of the REDCap Cloud network to not be available.

The root cause was rapidly identified, addressed, and we are continuing to monitor systems and support cases for stability.

Read more on Cloudflare's DNS service here:

Please keep us posted at support@redcapcloud.com should further issues arise.

First report: 17JUL2020 1717 EST / 0917 UTC

Resolved: 17JUL2020 1737 EST / 0938 UTC